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Sleep is often a hot topic of conversation amongst parents of babies and young children isn't it?  Sleep deprivation can have some serious effects on your health, relationships and well being.

 As a baby and children's gentle sleep consultant I work with your family to create a bespoke plan tailored to your individual parenting style as well as your child's personality and needs with a range of options to suit all budgets and circumstances.

All of the strategies and methods that I use are kind, gentle and child centred. 

This is a completely personalised service which begins with you completing a detailed questionnaire, as well as keeping an “as it happens” 24 hour log for me. Once I have this information we will do our lengthy and in depth phone or zoom consultation when we go through the questionnaire and log  in detail together enabling me to get a real feel for what is happening and to get to know you and your child. This helps me to work out the best strategies that will suit your child and your family and to tailor things to your child’s needs. I use a holistic and functional approach to look at all aspects of your little one to make sure that their plan is best suited to them and to your family. 

I then write your fully personalised plan and send this to you via email. Once you have read the plan we chat via email or WhatsApp message to make sure you are happy with everything before you begin to put it into action at home. You then have access to my unlimited support via WhatsApp and email for two whole weeks, allowing me to help you work through implementing the changes and make any adjustments that we need to during the process. You will also have one phone call included after a week to enable us to chat in detail and make any changes we feel would be beneficial. It’s like having me in your pocket!

Price: £385

The Responsive Sleep Plan

You have access to my expertise on zoom or phone for an hour, we will discuss in detail all your little ones sleep and routine needs and I will offer you some clear strategies and ideas for resolving and improving things. 

Prior to the session you will complete a questionnaire and a detailed 24 log of your baby or child's day. This allows me to prepare prior to our call and ensure you get the most absolute most from me during our one hour session together. You can of course ask me additional questions during our call. You can make notes and the session will be recorded so that you can access the information permanently after the session too.

Price £100

One to One Sleep Clinic

Is your little one struggling with some sleep-related issues, they aren’t major but you’d just like a little bespoke one to one support and guidance on the best way to deal with things? Then the Sleep Express option could be the answer to our prayers!


You will complete a detailed background questionnaire for me so that we get the most out of our express phone consultation. We will then have a 15-minute phone session where I give you some personalised suggested changes and strategies to help with your little one’s individual sleep issues based on the information you have given me about your child.

Price £55

Sleep Express

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