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Smiling Baby

Routine, schedule, flow, rhythm or groove or pattern - we all have our own version of this running through many different areas of our lives because the majority of us like to know what we are doing and when and our babies are no different.

Babies and children love routine, they feel secure and safe knowing what’s coming next and by following a routine that works for your baby you are meeting their needs and parenting in the most responsive way!

By encouraging a pattern to your baby’s day you will help them to thrive by ensuring they spend more time in the “rest and digest” state which encourages good feeding and sleeping and helps to avoid your baby getting over tired or stressed.

My routines are based on a wealth of knowledge gained from over 25 years of working with babies alongside my formal qualifications. They are realistic and practical and even offer shorter and longer nap options for the first 6 months too!

Each routine includes some handy tips for that particularly stage too and my contact details if you have any questions relating to the routines.

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