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Exercising with Baby
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Baby Yoga is an amazing way to promote physical and emotional development and  sensory awareness in your baby through yoga inspired poses, gentle stretching, singing, relaxation and developmental play. Baby Yoga is suitable for babies from eight to twelve weeks old up to pre walking.

There are so many benefits of doing baby yoga with your baby including developing motor skills, balance, aiding digestion, sleep and relaxation as well as nurturing baby's emotional wellbeing. 

SootheBaby classes are completely baby led and very relaxed. 

Baby Yoga 6 Week Course

The classes include a little bit of restorative work for mummies but are very much baby focused and the emphasis is on developing baby physically and emotionally through yoga inspired poses for babies, gentle stretching, relaxation and developmental play.


Price: £65 (6 week course)

Please get in touch for further information! 

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