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Smiling Baby

If you are reading this then your baby is probably suffering from reflux or colic or is very unsettled and you don’t know why.


Firstly I want you to know that I hear you and I understand exactly how horrendous it can be when your baby is suffering and you know something isn’t right but you feel like no one is listening.


I hear of this all the time and the why it is my mission to support families of babies with reflux or colic related symptoms to help you resolve their pain and discomfort, often without the need for medications


 Having trained with Aine Homer - The Baby Reflux Lady, I take a holistic and functional approach to finding the root cause of your baby’s discomfort or pain and advise you on the appropriate course of action to resolve this. Reflux and colic have so many possible causes – I work through a huge array of over 80 symptoms, behaviours and patterns to find out what could be going on.

Alongside this I will also offer lots of help and support for soothing, calming and settling your baby whilst you are making the changes needed using my experience as a baby massage and baby yoga instructor and baby sleep consultant so that your baby is as comfortable and comforted as possible until we find the cause of their discomfort, plus extensive support for you as parents to help you through this process alongside all of this. 


There are many things that could be causing your baby’s reflux, they could be taking on air, it could be associated with their birth or there could be a physical imbalance within their body, or things could point us towards an allergy or intolerance or even a combination of things so we work through an extensive questionnaire to pin point your baby’s individual symptoms and what they are telling us, your bespoke plan of action will then signpost you to medical and/or holistic practitioners to address your baby' s relevant symptoms where necessary.

 I have worked with babies for over 25 years in many different roles and am professionally trained as a nursery nurse,  a baby and children’s sleep consultant,  a baby massage and baby yoga teacher, a weaning practitioner, a potty training practitioner, a tummy time practitioner as well as a reflux practitioner so I can give a fully holistic approach to all families that I work with, I really am an expert on all things baby! 

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Reflux Package

We begin with a detailed one to one video call consultation, during this time I will ask you a huge amount of questions, we discuss all your babies symptoms and anything at all that you would like to tell me. The information you given me I will then analyse and look for patterns which will allow me to identify the likely underlying root cause(s) of your baby’s reflux, colic or digestive issues. You will receive a report (which I promise to have with you within 24 hours of our consultation) with a detailed plan of action of how to begin resolving or greatly improving things for your little one. 

You then have access to my support and guidance for the following 4 weeks, this support takes place in the form of a weekly email and catch up for you to to ask further questions and I will provide detailed responses for you so that I can help you to make progress and the necessary changes whilst you are working through the plan of action I have given you, this added support is invaluable because you can ask me anything baby related as well as all the relevant reflux/colic stuff! 

Investment: £250

Reflux Express

If you don’t feel you need the full reflux support package but would like some one to one personalised guidance on the possible root underlying causes of your individual baby’s reflux, colic or digestive symptoms and some clear ideas on how to start resolving things, then the Reflux Express option is ideal for you.


You will fill in a detailed symptoms tracker for me to analyse ahead of a 20 minute phone consultation where I will chat through what your baby’s symptoms are telling us, the likely causes of your baby’s pain/discomfort and/or vomiting and give you a suggested plan of action to follow.

Investment: £69

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